Electrify Europe

Electrify Europe

Amazon is devoting €1 billion to double the size of its electric delivery fleet in Europe.

The company’s investment is expected to increase EV production and spur installation of more public chargers.

In the push toward carbon neutrality, businesses will be forced to rethink the transportation of goods.

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Company Value Search

Glassdoor is making it easier for candidates to find companies that align with their values.

The new search function accounts for factors like work-life balance, LGBTQ-friendly policies, and more.

Internal company practices are going public as individuals become stricter in their job search.

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A new platform called InteriorAI uses AI to redesign your home with just a single photo.

The system generates a new look and layout based on 17 different styles, ranging from “cyberpunk” to “tropical.”

AI is becoming a new tool for interior design ideation, further proving the power of tech-driven creativity.

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