Dupe Swap

Dupe Swap

Lululemon is tackling dupe culture by allowing customers to trade in their Align knockoffs for the real deal.

The hope is that once people touch and feel the difference in quality, they’ll never go back to knockoffs.

As people continue to flaunt fakes, brands need to remind customers why their products were duped in the first place.

Edge: Money Out Loud

Project Gameface

An open-source tool from Google is allowing people to play games using only head movements and facial gestures.

By removing the need for controllers, Google is making gaming more accessible for those with limited mobility. 

When we design for one, we can scale to many and improve the experience for all. 

Edge: Inclusive by Design

Fisher-Price Credit Card

Fisher-Price has launched a special credit card that helps families save up for their children’s education.

With college tuition climbing at an average of 7.1% every year, the College Savings Mastercard aims to help families get ahead.

As costs soar, more brands are earning customer loyalty by moving into finance.

Edge: Wealth Hacking