Dream Product Generator

Google’s Search Generative Experience is powering new AI shopping features that help users find unique products.

Google generates fake AI product images based on user prompts, then users can shop actual products that are most similar to what they’re looking for. 

E-commerce search is getting more fluid, making it possible to curate real products based on your ideal requirements.

Edge: Artificial Creativity

Energy-Saving Sweets

After reformulating its ice cream for warmer freezers, Unilever is now sharing its patent with competitors. 

Doing so allows freezers to use less energy without changing the ice cream’s taste or texture—ultimately reducing energy strain for stores.

Amid an energy crisis, brands are putting IP protection aside in order to encourage climate-conscious innovation.

Edge: Crisis Hacking


CarePods—self-serve, AI-powered doctor’s offices—are coming to malls, gyms, and offices courtesy of Forward Health. 

The pods will allow people to get a blood test, check blood pressure, and swab for ailments—all without a doctor or nurse.

AI is enabling healthcare to scale like never before, removing traditional barriers to access and eliminating wait times. 

Edge: Health Hedonism