L’Oréal has become the first hairstylist brand to launch direct-to-avatar products across multiple online marketplaces

The “Gravitas” drop will be available for avatars across Roblox, Ready Player Me, Zepeto, and more.

As digital ownership rises, brands are realizing the opportunity to enable self-expression in the metaverse.

Edge: Liquid Reality

Doll Diversity

Mattel has introduced the first Barbie doll with Down Syndrome, and it’s already selling out. 

Barbie worked with the National Down Syndrome Society to ensure purposeful and accurate design.

By countering social stigma through play, brands can teach kids to celebrate their differences from a young age.

Edge: Inclusive by Design

Sludge Content

Overstimulating videos laid on top of one another—otherwise known as  “sludge content”—is a new kind of TikTok escapism. 

While critics call the genre dizzying and mindless, others say that’s exactly what makes it so appealing. 

As we reach peak stimulation, online content is mirroring the chaos of our minds.

Edge: Odd-ysseys