Death Studies

Death Studies

Later this year, the University of Padua will offer Italy’s first master’s degree on death.

The curriculum will cover themes like processing loss, cultural attitudes toward death, bioethics, and more.

Death talk is moving from fringe subcultures to higher education, signaling greater legitimacy around the topic.

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Roblox Romance

The CEO of Roblox predicts that adults will start dating through the platform in the next five years.

Roblox is adding features like video chat and more personalized avatars, which could help foster deeper connections.

As we spend more time online, entertainment platforms will inevitably double as relationship platforms.

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Neuro-Inclusive Jobs

Mentra is a growing startup that helps neurodivergent jobseekers find their ideal position.

Neurodivergent individuals can make teams up to 30% more productive, yet they face serious discrimination in the workplace.

With more companies celebrating diversity of thought, neurodivergent thinkers are finally being viewed as an asset.

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