Cigarette Warnings

Cigarette Warnings

Canada will require individual warning labels on all tobacco products by the end of April 2025.

The hope is that labeling individual products will make health warnings virtually unavoidable.

With tobacco killing hundreds of thousands of people each year, governments are putting the risks front and center. 

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Meme Education

Edtech company Antimatter has raised $2 million to bring memes into the classroom.

Rather than learning through repetition, meme creation fosters richer discussion and makes it easier to retain information.

As generative AI disrupts education, unorthodox methods can bring back the joy of learning.

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Crispr Greens

Pairwise is introducing the first Crispr-edited food to hit the US: less bitter but equally nutritious mustard greens. 

Pairwise’s goal is to make already healthy fruits and vegetables more convenient and enjoyable.

As gene-edited foods become more common, consumers will be seeking full transparency around the process and benefits. 

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