Cauliflower Ice Cream

New Zealand-based EatKinda is turning cosmetically imperfect cauliflower into vegan ice cream.

The plant-based product uses less water and land than dairy, without sacrificing texture or flavor.

Planet-friendly startups are using food waste as inspiration for new products—allowing us to indulge with less environmental guilt.

Edge: Circular Aftermarkets

Green Travel Discounts

Normandy Tourism is offering discounts for visitors that reduce their carbon footprint by traveling via train, bus, or bicycle.

 The discounts apply to over 70 cultural attractions across the region—making it widely enticing.

Businesses are hopeful that financial incentives will motivate people to travel greener for life.

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Lab-Grown Fish

Bluu Seafood is opening Europe’s first cultivated fish plant in Germany, marking a big step forward for lab-grown food.

Cultivated fish is free from microplastics, heavy metals, and GMOs, while also reducing strain on key fish populations.

If market conditions are favorable, Bluu Seafood hopes to offer cultivated fish at wholesale prices in as little as three years.

Edge: Lab-Made World