Researchers have developed an AI mind-reading hat that turns your thoughts into text.

The device is both noninvasive and portable, and will initially be used by people who are unable to speak.

Brain-to-text translations are becoming a reality, opening new frontiers for neuroscience and AI. 

Edge: Optimized Anatomy

Cigarette Recycling

Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, plans to turn discarded cigarette butts into asphalt for roads.

Of the 18 billion cigarettes smoked worldwide, only one-third end up in a trash can or recycling bin. 

Urban planners are reimagining litter as a raw material, incentivizing cities to build up their circular infrastructure.

Edge: Circular Aftermarkets

Muay Thai Visa

Thailand is introducing a 90-day visa for foreigners who want to learn the country’s national sport, Muay Thai.

The initiative is part of a national effort to boost cultural tourism, which focuses on film, food, festivals, fashion, and fighting.

Governments are promoting traditional cultural experiences over nightlife and beaches—marking a shift toward a richer kind of tourism. 

Edge: Roots Revival