Blocked Tourist Views

Fujikawaguchiko, a small Japanese town known for its perfect view of Mt. Fuji, is taking drastic steps to curb overtourism.

An eight-foot-tall mesh barrier will now be blocking views at the most popular photo spot, which was causing traffic congestion and frustrating locals.

As cities go to extremes to discourage tourism, travel companies can step in to incentivize more mindful behaviors.

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Upcycled Vegan Meat

Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, is set to begin selling vegan meat made from beer by-products.

The beer waste is upcycled into an organic ingredient that resembles peas, then turned into vegan burgers.

Circular food solutions are opening up new B2B partnership opportunities—turning one company’s trash into another company’s product.

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Facial Recognition Rollback

China is ordering all hotels to stop using facial recognition to verify a guest’s identity.

While facial tracking remains ubiquitous in public, many Chinese citizens have expressed concern over its use in privately run spaces.

The order is the latest sign of rising privacy concerns, and could spark further tracking rollbacks in China and beyond.

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