Balearic Booze Ban

Overnight alcohol sales are now banned in Ibiza and Mallorca in an effort to curb “excess tourism.”

Party boats will also be prohibited from operating within a nautical mile of certain areas to limit booze-fueled visits.

Fed up with rowdy, drunk tourists, local governments are putting laws in place to drive more responsible behavior.

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Secondhand Salvo Boom

The Salvation Army is adding over 35 new stores in Australia in response to unprecedented demand for secondhand goods.

The secondhand market is now worth over a billion dollars a year, with 300,000 Australians visiting Salvation Army stores on a weekly basis.

As consumers take pride in secondhand finds, stores are being updated to reflect sustainability’s new cool factor.

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Mobile Showers

The city of Valenzuela in the Philippines is providing free mobile showers and toilets in response to heat waves and water shortages. 

The showers aim to prevent the spread of disease for those who cannot shower at home due to power interruptions.

With extreme weather events becoming more common, brands will be expected to step in to provide lifesaving basics.

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