Autism Certified Legoland

Autism Certified Legoland

By the end of March, Legoland parks in North America will become Certified Autism Centers.

This involves training staff, rating rides based on sensory levels, and adding quiet rooms for some downtime.

Theme parks are being reimagined for neurodiversity—marking the end of one-size-fits-all entertainment.

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Bare Minimum Mondays

A new TikTok trend is encouraging workers to enjoy a more relaxed Monday by condensing their schedule.

For those who struggle with the “Sunday Scaries,” the strategy could help them ease into the work week.

The attempts to take down hustle culture continue as employees put their well-being first.

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Recession Core

To reflect the current state of economic downturn, fashion is favoring minimalism.

Flashy accessories are being replaced with a more low-key look both in the streets and on the red carpet.

With a recession looming, opulence is going out style.

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