Articles of Enslavement is releasing a new collection of newspaper articles with details on 183,000 formerly enslaved people in the U.S.

The announcement comes at a time when communities across the U.S. are pushing to preserve historic sites connected to slavery.

With more access to untold stories, we can further contextualize the history of the African American experience.

Edge: Roots Revival

Cook to Connect

Melbourne City Council is offering free cooking classes to address food insecurity and loneliness during the cost-of-living crisis.

About one-third of adults in Melbourne experienced food insecurity last year, which is often tied to social exclusion. 

By recognizing the tie between financial struggles and mental health struggles, businesses can provide more holistic solutions.

Edge: Gap Collapse 

Store Companion Bot

Target store employees will soon have an AI-powered chatbot to quickly answer their questions.

The Store Companion bot will be rolled out to all 2,000 stores by August, marking a first for a major U.S. retailer. 

Generative AI is becoming an operational tool for employees, boosting efficiencies by allowing for training on demand.

Edge: Intimate AI