Adaptive Intimates

Adaptative Intimate

Victoria’s Secret has debuted its first-ever collection of intimates for women with disabilities.

Features include magnetic closures, sensory-friendly fabric, fully adjustable front bra straps, and more.

Brands once criticized for being non-inclusive are now redesigning their products for diversity—proving that true inclusivity goes beyond communications.

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AR Education

Snap is partnering with edtech company Inspirit to bring its AR technology to 50 middle schools and high schools in the U.S.

According to Snap, AR lessons increase engagement by nearly 50%, and 85% of students say AR helps with memory and retention.

Education is getting a tech upgrade—turning static textbooks into interactive learning models.

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Women’s Work Strike

Tens of thousands of women across Iceland—including the prime minister—are participating in the country’s first full-day work strike in 48 years. 

Some Icelandic women earn 21% less than men, and more than 40% of women have experienced gender-based or sexual violence.

With so-called “leading” countries still failing to achieve gender equality, the fight for pay parity is far from over.

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