What is Backslash?

Backslash is an editorial and cultural strategy unit as well as an agile content studio designed to inform and inspire the network, and our clients and partners, about culture as it happens. It is powered by TBWA’s global network of Culture Spotters.

Cultural resonance defines the success and longevity of brands today. To help organizations gain and keep a competitive advantage, Backslash offers the following product offerings: 

Global Insights
Digestible insight films, which strategically report on culture as it happens and evolves around the world, published to your entire organization daily.

Edges (Trends) Mapping
A proprietary tool that monitors and quantifies cultural change tailored to your organization.

Cultural Strategy
A dynamic workshop and presentation, designed to turn cultural insight into opportunity for your organization.  

Cultural Content
Pairing global cultural expertise and LA storytelling, Backslash has pioneered a global model of agile and relevant content production to create editorial, documentary and strategic content for brands and partners.

Daily Updates

Daily triggers bringing you up to speed with culture.